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Welcome to my website. Here you'll find my technological creations, information on things which I think are interesting and useful, and some opinions, if you can bear to read them.

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This site is receiving frequent updates with additional content. Check back later, follow my neocities profile, or add my RSS feed to your reader for updates.

Everything on the site can be accessed through the links at the top of the page. Note: some links do not work yet, but they will once I get to it.


The latest updates and additions to the site will be listed here.

Added a recipe for pork goulash, changed things around on the library page.
Added links and a very short summary of what you need to know for weightlifting/bodybuilding to the fitness page.
Added a recipe for shepherd's pie.
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I've just about escaped the post-industrial wastes of central Yorkshire and am now a first year computer science student at the University of Nottingham. My main interests/hobbies, aside from computer science, are studying and debating philosophy/politics/economics (I have A-levels in the latter two), weightlifting, hiking, electronics, card games (especially poker), and cooking (although I wouldn't really call this a hobby, it's more of a necessity for anyone who wants to live well cheaply). Some of these things I write about on this site.

I also have passing interests in history and folklore (mainly european), anthropology and sociology in general, sustainable/independent living, and video games (mostly strategy, 4X, and RPGs, although as the years go on I find myself more interested in studying, modding, and hacking games rather than playing them).

There is a list of miscellaneous opinions on the "opinions" page. Reading these will give you a good idea of what I'm like as a person and what I think of things. Some of them are very unpopular in the UK.


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