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This is a list of books I like and think are worth reading. In the future I might also add sections for news sources, games, music, tv, and films.



There aren't that many books here now; I haven't done as much reading in my time as I would have liked to, and I only wish to include books here that are truly exceptional.







You might find it strange that I have in my library books from what many people consider "contradictory" ideologies. If you do, that's a sign of overly partisan thinking. The history of thought is a Great Conversation, and it is important to hear all sides. Reading only one sect's work is like listening to one end of a telephone conversation and trying to piece together what the other person was saying. I have read and learned what I consider valid ideas from liberals and socialists, nationalists and globalists. That marxist or liberal or conservative books are listed here does not make me a marxist or a liberal or a conservative. Recall Rupert Macabee's line in A King in New York: "Do I have to be a communist to read Karl Marx?"